1Win Privacy Policy For Indian Bettors

The privacy policy that you will read below applies to 1Win. The 1Win privacy policy will apply to all services provided by 1Win, including mobile services. It is very important to read the text of the privacy policy, as this will allow you to know what data the company is entitled to collect, the purpose for which it is collected, and how it is protected. Personal data is further understood to mean information concerning your name, residential address, year of birth, etc.

This policy may be changed and amended over time. In this case, the company informs the players to get acquainted with the new edition. To continue using the services of the company means full agreement with the new version. If you disagree with the new wording, then stop using the services of 1Win.

What Data We Collect?

1Win has the right to collect certain data and other information when you interact with the official website. If you believe that data is being collected illegally, you can file a complaint with the company at any time. 

1Win can currently collect the following data under our privacy policy:

  • Registration and Verification. When you use the services, the company will ask you to fill in certain forms, such as registration or verification. All data you give the company in this way will be collected by 1Win staff;
  • Live chat or email communication. 1Win can collect data you provide when you communicate via live chat or email. In general, this collection method applies to all forms of communication with employees;
  • Transactions. When making a deposit and withdrawal, the player fills out certain forms. The data reported when filling out these forms is collected by the company;
  • Automatic collection. When the player uses the services of 1Win, data such as IP address, system activity, and request URL is automatically collected;
  • Data collected from 3 persons. At times, 1Win receives data from third parties, such as service providers and other companies with which 1win does business together. In addition, the company may request data from other companies whose services the player has previously used.

It should be noted that data collection takes place only on a legal basis. Illegal data collection is forbidden and, if it occurs, illegal activities will cease immediately. Please find below the legal basis for the data collection by 1Win:

  • Obligations on 1Win. To fulfil its obligations, 1Win must collect certain data, for example in the case of money laundering or the prevention of the financing of terrorism;
  • Personal interest. 1Win may collect information on players if the company has a commercial interest in doing so;
  • Execution of the contract. Any player, after winning, will want to withdraw his money, in which case, the company will need some of the player’s bank data. The same applies to the registration and verification without which the player will not be able to use the services of 1Win.

How We Use Personal Data?

After collecting certain data, the company uses it for various purposes. You can read more about how 1Win company uses this data below:

  • To fulfil the obligations imposed on the company. To prevent money laundering, to fight terrorism and other illegal activities;
  • To further help players. 1Win will use your personal information, such as your name or email address, to send you letters;
  • Annual reports and statistics. 1Win produces certain reports and analyses your company’s performance. In this case, your data can be used for example the system activity, the highest winnings, and so on. These reports can be in the public domain and at the level of the company’s employees;
  • Technical Analysis. 1Win can perform a technical analysis of service usage to optimise the player experience and further improve the quality of the service.

How We Can Share Your Data?

There are times when 1Win resorts to sharing personal data with others. This is only done for legitimate reasons and there has to be a good reason for this.

Check with whom 1Win may share personal data:

  • Third-party organisations and service providers, i.e. companies with which 1Win does business together;
  • Organisations for which 1Win is obliged to provide this data. In some cases, the company is contacted by law enforcement authorities or licensing bodies. 1Win shall provide all data requested by these authorities;
  • With the player’s consent, his data may be disclosed to any 3 persons.

International Data Transfer

The whole data transfer can take place within several countries and the whole problem is that the laws in one country or another are different from the laws in your country. The same goes for the privacy policy – it varies from company to company. Nevertheless, the company does its best to make sure that the data does not fall into the hands of fraudsters and that the data communicated to another country is properly protected.


The safety of players for the company 1Win is always in the foreground, so when you tell the company’s employees data you can be sure that they will be reliably protected. This is achieved through modern encryption and data storage on a special server.

Only a certain circle of people have access to stored data, in particular 1Win employees who use your data to perform their assigned duties. In addition, 1Win employees ensure that your data is protected and as soon as there is any suspicion of a data leak, appropriate safeguards will be put in place.

Data Retention

The data reported to the 1Win will be stored until the player deletes it. Some data may be deleted automatically when it is no longer needed, while some data is stored for a longer period. At any time, the player can contact the company to find out what data is currently stored about him or to make corrections to such data.

Besides, the player can delete the message sent in chat or delete the created account. Once your account has been deleted your information will be stored on the server for an additional 5 years from the date the account was deleted. This is to prevent fraud and other illegal activities against you.

1Win is committed to protecting the data you provide and doing everything possible to prevent its leakage to 3 parties, according to the international data protection regulations, particularly the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Customer Rights

As a 1Win user, you have certain rights regarding your data. All players are equal in their rights. Here are some of the rights you can exercise:

  • The right to change your data. At any moment you can ask employees of the company to change or add data or you can do it yourself;
  • The right to information. You can ask the 1win employees to see the data concerning you and stored at the moment;
  • The right to delete data. You can ask 1win employees to delete your data or your account if the data has been processed unlawfully and if 1Win does not wish to store this data anymore;
  • The right to restrict the processing of personal data. As a 1Win user, you can ask employees to restrict the processing of personal data under certain circumstances;
  • The right to complain. You can leave a complaint about the data processing to both company employees and the local data protection authority.

Please note that before you can exercise your right, for example, the right to information 1Win may ask you to prove your identity or provide other evidence.

Google Analytics Usage

When using the 1Win services, you need to know that 1Win uses Google Analytics to collect information about how you use the official website. With Google Analytics, the company collects information such as your visits to the 1Win website and which website you switched to 1Win from. This is designed so that Google Analytics looks at your IP address assigned to the user the day you visit the official website. This way, your name, and other personal data are not needed. The file generated by the data collection can only be viewed by Google, which has its privacy policy. At any time you can refuse the collection of cookies and then the collection of information will stop.

SSL Encryption

It is important to note that 1Win uses the SSL protocol, which is an advanced data transmission security technology that prevents the leakage or theft of data during its transfer to employees. SSL technology uses a 256-bit key. Thus it is one of the most secure methods of encryption.