1 Win Rocket X Game

Today, Rocket X is a game that has aroused curiosity amongst gambling fans. The Rocket X gambling product on 1Win is designed for those users who like to try their luck and test different betting strategies. The rules of this game are simple and much the same as those of other similar simulators.


Features of the game Rocket X presented on the site 1Win India

Rocket X on the 1Win platform is a versatile and elaborate version of the famous crash game. With this slot machine, any user can test profitable betting strategies as well as enjoy the gameplay. One of the main reasons why Rocket X is in demand is the sense of risk that the user can get. It is up to the player to decide at what point to make a withdrawal. Some gamblers prefer to redeem their bet on small multipliers. Others, on the contrary, only hunt for big winnings. No one can know how the next round will end.

What Is a Rocket X Game?

What is the Rocket X game on the 1Win India website

Users are invited to play a new instant Rocket X game from the developer 1Play, in which the result depends directly on the player’s actions. Any user can win real money in a short period. Rocket X Game is a type of crash game, where users need to follow the trajectory of the plane and promptly withdraw money.

Playing Rocket X users can win real money! This is the main game mode, in which the player directly bets money and wins it.

1Win Rocket X Game Rules

Basic rules of the Rocket X game available at 1Win online casino

The game is very pleasing to the user’s eye design and animation. The screen shows an animated broadcast, and you can also find betting fields, usually in the number of two. The rules will be understood by everyone, because they are simple!

Before each round, the player must place a bet, and the game begins when a picture comes to life on the screen: a man who looks like Ilon Musk takes off on a rocket. The rocket goes up – the winnings go up. The round ends when the rocket falls, with all bets lost.

The player can withdraw money at any moment of the game, it is important to press the button in time, and the rocket can fall at any moment.

Rocket X is based on Provably Fair technology with random number generation. The result of each round is unpredictable and randomly generated by artificial intelligence.

How To Start Playing the Rocket X Game at 1Win?

How Indian users can start playing Rocket X on 1Win

Any Indian resident over the age of 18 can become a user and after registering, they can play Rocket X at 1Win and win rupees. To start playing Rocket X, the user needs to create an account at 1Win:

in 5 Steps

Step 1/5

Go to the official website 1win.in or app. The app can be downloaded by clicking on the button in the top right corner on the main screen of the site. The application is available for Android and iOS.

Step 2/5

Click on the registration link.

Step 3/5

Fill in all the registration fields, including email, phone number, and choose currency.

Step 4/5

Agree with the user agreement.

Step 5/5


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After registration, the user must:

  1. Deposit the balance of the account by clicking on the “Deposit” button.
  2. Enter the Rocket X Game.
  3. Place a bet and win!

Rocket X Bonuses

How to get and use the welcome bonus on 1Win to play Rocket X

Any user can get a bonus just for registering at 1Win with promo code 1WINCODE. The bookmaker 1Win offers an attractive welcome bonus of +500% on your first deposit up to 75,000 rupees.

To get this bonus, you need to make a deposit after registration. In this case, the bonus applies to the first four deposits. For the first deposit the user will receive 200%, for the second – 150%, for the third – 100%, for the fourth – 50%.

Download Rocket X App

Instructions for 1Win users on how to start playing Rocket X from the mobile app

Anyone who likes to play on a cell phone will be comfortable using the 1Win mobile app to play Rocket X. The app is entirely free and adapted for Android and iOS.

Rocket X is optimized to play on a small screen. The user can see the rocket takeoff process, and statistics, as well as make bets in one click. To install the app for Android and iOS, follow these step-by-step instructions:

in 4 Steps

Step 1/4

Open the 1Win official website.

Step 2/4

Go to the mobile page of the site.

Step 3/4

Select “Android” or “iOS”, and download.

Step 4/4

Install the application from the apk file.

Register Right Now and Get a 500% Up to 80 400INR

If you have an Android device, you also need to allow installation of apps from third-party sources in the settings.

Best Strategy for Rocket X Casino Game

Best strategies for playing Rocket X at 1Win India online casino site

Rocket X Game is based on random number generation technology, which is a completely unpredictable process. It is impossible to predict what will be the outcome of the game, and yet there are a number of strategies and techniques that help regular players win more often:

  • Double Bets. The essence of the strategy is that the player makes two bets and one withdrawal, reaching the odds of 2.0. This way no money is lost. Playing on the second bet the player waits for the desired value of the odds. If he loses, the balance remains the original and the player loses nothing.
  • Mathematical probability strategy, according to which you need to bet after a few low odds on the theory of probability.
  • Big betting strategy. Large bets should be withdrawn without waiting for high odds. So, if you withdraw them with odds around 1.5, there is a lower risk of losing everything.
  • Low betting strategy. With low bets, you can expect high odds, and if you lose, the user does not lose much.
  • Strategy from roulette, according to which, after losing you need to double your bet and wait for a win.

Rocket X Game Tips & Tricks for Winning

Useful tips for successful playing and increasing profits at Rocket X on 1Win

Users should know some tips and recommendations that will simplify the Rocket X game and help win more:

  1. Choose a strategy. The right strategy determines the player’s actions: low stakes allow them to take rusk and get big wins.
  2. Control your excitement! All gambling is a gamble that you shouldn’t get carried away with, lest you lose it all.
  3. To speed up the withdrawal of funds, you can use the button “Automatic withdrawal of funds“. This will help not to miss the moment for withdrawal.
  4. The user can also play any other games in order to improve their balance and then bet.

Rocket X Demo Mode

How to try Rocket X game for free in demo mode on 1Win

1Win cares about its users and provides a unique feature: a demo version to play Rocket X Game. The user can enter the game without a deposit. This gives an opportunity to view all the elements of the game, to see the process of growth of bets, as well as to understand how to withdraw funds.

Features of 1Win Rocket X Game

Features and benefits of Rocket X for 1Win users from India

The game has a number of features that are worth paying attention to:

  • Users can play the demo version to understand all the rules of the game.
  • The game has a very clear and simple interface, so understanding the rules of the game is not difficult. 
  • Play here and now! Rocket X is a live game, the result depends on each user at a particular moment.
  • The user can view the statistics of his bets and rounds, as well as the statistics of other players.


Can I withdraw my winnings through the Rocket X app?

Yes, the user can withdraw their winnings through the app. After winning and withdrawing funds, the funds are credited to the balance of the personal account, from which the money can be withdrawn from the app.

Can I predict the outcome of a round on Rocket X?

No, every round in the Rocket X Game is unpredictable, the game is generated by artificial intelligence. However, using game strategies, you can control your victory.

What stakes (min/max) can I place on Rocket X?

The minimum bet for the Rocket X game is Rs. 8. The maximum a player can bet is Rs. 11500.

Can I play 1Win Rocket X for free?

Users can try to play a free demo version of Rocket X Game. However, to play further, it will be necessary to make a deposit.

What devices can I use to play Rocket X in India?

You can use any cell phone that meets the specifications for installing the application or play through the website. It is also possible to bet using a personal computer.